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Flickr Uses Text Message to Deliver Smartphone App

Published on January 8, 2013

Flickr Text App Simple Texting

Look out, Instagram: Flickr is gunning for you. The popular image host has a new smartphone app, and they’re delivering it in a simple way: text message.

Flickr, seeking to capitalize on Instagram’s recent Terms of Service scandal which reportedly caused 25% of daily users to jump ship, has been aggressively pushing their own photo-sharing app. In an innovative use of SMS marketing, they’re sending download links for the smartphone app via text message.

If you visit Flickr’s home page, you’ll see one big button: Send to My iPhone. Click it, and you’ll be prompted to enter your number. Soon, you’ll get a text:

Flickr for iPhone: to get started, select http://bit.ly/TMCxNm

That’s an active link to the Flickr app within the iPhone’s App Store. Opened on an iPhone, it immediately gets you 1 click away from downloading their app.

It’s an ingenious use of mobile marketing; rather than having to open the App Store, click search, type Flickr, and select the right app, Flickr has streamlined the process to be as simple as possible for the consumer: Enter your number and click the link.

SimpleTexting’s platform automatically turns long URLs into tiny bit.ly links, like the one Flickr uses. Linking to your website, app, or other downloadable content via text message is an effective way to get your product to the consumer immediately.

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