Threaded Conversations

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Group Texting for Organizations

Managing a large team with different schedules, devices, and preferences is a challenge for any organization. SimpleTexting lets you send out text blasts to everyone in your organization, see who replies in real time, and communicate with them via a threaded conversation window. This tool is perfect for managing work schedules, making announcements, and responding to urgent situations.

Screenshot of the SimpleTexting inbox and conversations with Shel Silverstein and Sheb Woole

Two-Way SMS Marketing

Businesses can also use threaded conversations as part of their SMS marketing. If a customer responds to one of your texts, you can still get back to them in a timely manner. With this tool, you can add a personal touch to your text marketing campaigns.

How It Works

When you send a text blast, it’ll go out to all your subscribers. If any subscriber replies, the response will be sent to your inbox. To reach your inbox in SimpleTexting, navigate to Messaging > Inbox. Click the message to view the threaded conversation between you and the subscriber, and in the text field you can type your reply message. It’s that simple!