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Gather, Store, and Use Your Contact’s Data

Gather, Store, and Use Your Contact’s Data

With our text message data collection feature, you can collect even more information from your contacts. The more you know about your database of contacts, the smarter your marketing becomes. Plus, all of the info you collect is stored safely in your SimpleTexting account.

The Benefits of Text Message Data Collection

Here are just a few examples of what you can do when you gather data on your text message database.

Personalize Messages
Using the collected data, tailor future texts to fit individual contacts.
Segment Your Lists
Send targeted messages by grouping your subscribers with the same data.
Integrate With Apps
With our Zapier integration, send data to your other marketing channels.
Export Easily
Our platform lets you easily export any collected data to a spreadsheet.
Create a custom field to collect any information you need to know.
Automate Your Workflow
Save time with our platform’s automatic data entry.
"We appreciated the ability to make it conversational, where guests are asked to reply back with their email and then that information is stored. That’s what set SimpleTexting apart for us."
Erin Corcoran

Director of Technology, Mendocino Farms

How Text Message Data Collection Works

If you’re excited about the possibilities, then we have more good news: there is no manual SMS marketing data entry involved here.

1. Select the Fields to Collect

1. Select the Fields to Collect

This feature can be activated on your keyword(s) to collect one or more of the following default fields:
  • Contact first name
  • Contact last name
  • Contact email
  • Note
  • Birthday
If you decide to create additional Custom Fields, they’ll be displayed as options below the default fields when you set up Data Collection.
2. Connect to a Keyword

2. Connect to a Keyword

Let’s say you run a cosmetics brand and want to send messages based on contacts’ skin type. First, create a “skin type” custom field. Then create a keyword (such as SKINTYPE) and ask contacts to text it to your number with their response, which will be saved in SimpleTexting.
3. Customize a Follow-up Message

3. Customize a Follow-up Message

From here, you can automate a follow-up message for contacts who complete the prompt. Their responses are stored in our secure database so you can create Segments and send targeted messages to those segments. You may also export the data at any time or use our Zapier integration to sync in with another app.

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