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What is SMS?

SMS stands for “Simple Message Service”.  It is often referred to as ‘Text Messages’ and used on mobile phones.

What is a short code?

A short code is like a telephone number, but designed for sending and receiving sms messages. SimpleTexting’s short code is 555888.

How do keywords work?

The purpose of creating a keyword is to build a list of customers’ cell phone numbers. A list of cell phone numbers is created automatically when a customer texts the keyword to the phone number 555888 (Simple Texting’s “short code”). The customer is said to be “opting in” or “subscribing” to the list. For example, a marketer might solicit subscribers to a list by adding the following to displays in the client’s location, to traditional advertisements, and more:

Text Pizza to 555888 for great deals from Lou’s Pizza!

The customer texts “Pizza” to 555888 and they’re on the list.

How many characters may I include in a text message?

An SMS message is limited to 160 characters. A character includes letters, numbers, spaces, symbols, and punctuation.


Does SimpleTexting.com offer an API?

Yes, contact us to obtain token access so you can build SimpleTexting.com features into your own application or platform.

Campaign Management

What if I need more keywords?

All our plans include unlimited keywords.

How do I choose a keyword?

You can choose any keyword as long as it is not already in use by another SimpleTexting customer. The keyword can be no longer than 20 characters and with no spaces, special characters, or punctuation. A keyword is usually represented by the name of the business or some other way to associate the promotion.

Can I create more than one campaign?

Yes, login to your account to create multiple campaigns. Campaigns can include traditional messages, text-to-vote, text-to-win campaigns and many more. Sign up for a Free Trial to learn more.

What is a STOP Response?

This is the message that is sent to a subscriber that responds to one of your messages with STOP. This message must include your business name, program name, and the message confirming that they’ve opted out and will no longer receive messages

What is a HELP Response?

This is the message that is sent to a subscriber that responds to one of your messages with HELP. This message must include your business name, program name, stop instructions, message frequency a month, message and data rates may apply, and a phone number or website to access additional help.

How do I know if a Keyword is available?

To see if a keyword is available, attempt to create the keyword once signed up to our SimpleTexting.com app. Searching will tell you instantly if it’s available.

What are the rules for how I can promote my keyword?

Phone carrier guidelines require you to include the following when promoting a text keyword:


Who can receive text messages?

Anyone with a mobile phone built in the last 10 years can receive text messages.

How long does it take a text message to get to the recipient?

It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for a text message to get to a recipient, unless the phone is off or out of range. Majority of the messages are instant but in some rare cases can take a little longer.  The particular carrier subscriber is using will try to send the message for up to 72 hours.

Will my messages always be received by my contacts?

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee a message will be received; text messages rely on carriers for delivery. However, because of the high response rate to text messages, you can infer that the vast majority arrive.

How long can a text message be?

Text messages are limited by technology to 160 characters and spaces.

Can I personalize my text messages?

Yes. You can add variables like %%firstname%% so that the first name of each recipient appears in the message.

Why don’t some of my contacts receive my messages?

There are a number of possible reasons: the recipient went over the number of messages their plan allowed, their phone number was typed incorrectly, they were out of cellphone range, their phone’s memory was full, or they didn’t have text messaging enabled.

Is there a limit to the number of messages I can send through SimpleTexting?

No, you can send as many messages as you pay for as long as you stay within our terms of use and anti-spam policies.


How do I view analytics for my campaigns

Your campaign analytics can be viewed by logging in to the SimpleTexting app and click on the “Analytics” tab.

What is the subscriber report?

The Subscriber Report is where you can see how many people have subscribed and unsubscribed from a given list.

What is the Volume Report?

The Volume Report show how many text messages have been sent by list.

What is included in the Link Stats report?

The Link Stats report shows how many subscribers clicked the links in your texts.


What are “opt in” and “opt out”?

Customers who agree to receive future text messages from a business “opt in” by replying to an invitation (sent in a text message or displayed in marketing materials or online). They can also “opt out” by replying to a text message with “Stop.” People who opt in are “subscribers” whose cellphone numbers are stored in a contact list in the SimpleTexting application.

How can I invite people to opt in?

You can invite subscribers by advertising your keyword and short code at your place of business, your company websites, social media pages and including an invitation on all your marketing material. Visit our Mobile Marketing University to find out various ways businesses can use text marketing.

Account Settings

How Do I make changes to my account?

To make changes to your account, login to SimpleTexting, click the gear in the top right corner next to your email address, and click settings. From here you can manage account settings, profile settings, billing, and social accounts.

How Do I Add Multiple Users To My Account?

SimpleTexting allows you to add multiple users to specific campaigns. To add a user to a campaign, send us the following information:


How much does it cost to send a text message?

SimpleTexting offers a variety of monthly plans at varying costs, depending  on the number of messages. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime. Check out our pricing page for more details.

Can I pay by the message?

SimpleTexting offers monthly plans that include specific numbers of messages (depending on the plan). We are however flexible and you can contact us for custom quotes.

What happens if I send more messages than my plan allows?

All of our plans have an overage fee for each additional message that goes over the plan. Each pricing plan has a different overage per message and goes down with volume.  Check out our pricing page for more details.

What happens if I need more messages than my plan allows?

You can upgrade to a different plan through the SimpleTexting application. After you log in, click the “Dashboard” tab, then click the “Change” link below the words “Billing Plan” on the upper left of the Dashboard.

Do you charge when someone replies to my message?

No. Only the messages you send are charged against the number of messages in your plan.

Rules, Terms & Policies

How does SimpleTexting use my data?

Don’t worry, the data we collect about your customers (phone numbers, emails, etc.) is all yours, and we never share it or sell it to anyone else.

What is a CTIA audit?

CTIA audits are the wireless carrier’s method of monitoring the sms and texting industry. A CTIA audit means that one of the advertisements for your campaigns doesn’t have the required CTIA disclosures. If one of your campaigns fails an audit we will automatically deactivate your keyword and list until the problem is resolved.

What is SimpleTexting’s SPAM policy?

At SimpleTexting, we are often asked why we don’t allow users to upload a list of phone numbers to their campaign. The answer is we prefer to have people add themselves by texting a keyword. A major reason that we do this is because it is required by law.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), requires that before you can send a text message to a mobile phone number, a mobile phone number must first opt-in through our short code. Without this opt-in, you can be liable for up to $1,500 in damages for each wireless phone number that receives a text message.

This process protects businesses and protects consumers from unwanted spammy text messages.

What does “Msg & data rates may apply” mean?

Msg & Data rates may apple means there is no extra cost to receive alerts, but that standard message rates and data charges from the subscribers carrier apply when sending and/or receiving text messages through SimpleTexting.

Does SimpleTexting restrict any type of campaigns?

The CTIA and the wireless carriers do not allow any SMS programs to operate on their networks that may promote Depictions or endorsements of violence, inappropriate or adult content, profanity or hate speech, illegal or illicit drugs.

SimpleTexting also reservers the right to refuse service for any reason or to cancel accounts that do not follow our terms and conditions.


What’s the difference between an autoresponder & campaign?

Autoresponders and campaigns are different.

A campaign allows you to collect mobile phone numbers that you can text future offers to. For example, a business will invite customers to text a keyword to their shortcode in order for their customers to sign up to receive future text message communications.

An autoresponder allows you to create one-time text messages to your customer. For example, an autoresponder would be when to tells their customers to text their keyword to your short code in order to receive a text message response that includes information about your business such as hours, website links, or other information.

Where can I manage autoresponders?

You can manage your autoresponders by logging in to the SimpleTexting app and navigate to “Messaging”, then click “Autoresponders”.

How do I create an SMS poll?

After logging into the SimpleTexting app, click “Apps” then “Polling subscribers.” To make your first question, click “Create poll.” Fill out the fields and push your question out to your subscribers. You can see the results right in the SimpleTexting app.

How do I create an SMS sweepstake or contest?

After logging in to SimpleTexting, go to “Apps”, then “Text-to-Win”. Enter a name for your campaign, for your own reference. Then, choose your subscription type. Generally, contests will be keyword opt-in, which means users will text a keyword to 555888 to participate. You can also add users through a web form, or manually, if desired.

How do I change my autoresponder message?

To chang eyour autoresponder message login to the SimpleTexting app, click “Messaging”, then click “Autoresponders” to view a list of your autoresponders. Select the autoresponder you’d like to edit and then update the message.