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Crisis Text Messaging Line Saves Lives

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Text Messaging Saves Lives

Over 10 million people have reached out to the Crisis Text Line since its official establishment in 2013. Though this number may sound staggering to some, it wouldn’t be to the resource’s primary users: teenagers, who regularly use their phones to send between 2,000 and 4,000 text messages per month. The overwhelming response has confirmed what founder Nancy Lublin began realizing while developing the program. Text messaging offers a layer of distance, anonymity, and accessibility in communication that lends itself perfectly to activist efforts. The power of mass text messaging can be harnessed to save lives.

Understanding the Texting Appeal

To understand the potential mass text messaging can have, you must understand its appeal. Much research has been done probing why teenagers and young adults gravitate toward short written messages rather than phone calls and other communicative methods. One researcher boiled it down to a specific phenomenon and surmised that texting gives users freedom. There are other advantages that have been identified, too, including the following:

  • It provides more privacy than a phone call would
  • Communicating through text offers anonymity
  • Conversations can be had anywhere and anytime

These factors have made it the preferred form of communication for an entire generation, but as the Crisis Text Line has found, they’ve also made it ripe for reaching out to those who need help.

Leveraging the Right Technology

In order to realize the potential of a program that includes mass text communications, you must be equipped with the technology for the job. With millions of incoming and outgoing text messages to handle each month, the Crisis Text Line relies on streamlined technology for maximum impact. What kind of platform can meet these demands?

SimpleTexting can do more than just send out bulk SMS. A professionally managed text message platform empowers you to communicate immediately, initiate conversations, and forge connections. In the context of outreach, those connections can save lives. In order to do so effectively, however, you must have a solid resource powering your communications.

The power of mass text message efforts will only be as strong as the technology behind it. If you want to extend your program’s reach, you can’t let a subpar provider throttle your progress. You need a powerful platform that will give you the tools you need to fully leverage mass text to its fullest potential.

Achieving Goals

The Crisis Text Line has since flourished and established itself as an exemplar of innovation in both the nonprofit and technology sectors. This intersection has proven to be a promising one, and mass text messaging has emerged as one of its most effective tools. The good that has already been done is surely only a glimpse of what can be accomplished through further effort and breakthrough.

Innovators who are interested in using bulk SMS will find that not all providers are able to meet their demands. When the conversation is important, the technology you use to have it is, too. Nonprofits and other outreach organizations can benefit from a resource that provides the following:

  • Intuitive management controls for messages
  • Superior technology to maintain consistency of communication
  • Simple platform for incoming and outgoing texts
  • Comprehensive compatibility across users’ providers

If you have a big goal, you need powerful tools to achieve it, and that’s what the SimpleTexting mass text management system provides. SimpleTexting’s features can give you the power and reach to make a difference.

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