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The Five Best Field Management Software Compared

We considered more than 20 of the most popular field management apps for this list. Here are our picks for the top five.

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We’ve all been there. 

Tracking important information in spreadsheets. Creating invoices in word and emailing them manually. Or even relying on good ol’ fashioned pen and paper and telephone calls.

Regardless of what you’re doing to manage your business, the right field team management software has the potential to help you scale to new heights–or even just save you time by reducing tedious administrative work.

The problem is that Google gives you five million options to research, vet, and ultimately choose between. Sounds exhausting, right?

That’s why we put together this in-depth comparison of five of the best options.

1. Best for Scheduling Service Delivery: Synchroteam

Synchroteam has been around for 20 years and it shows–it’s one of the more comprehensive field management software solutions out there.

You can see–in real-time–the location of your offices, workers, and customers on a map. It’s effortless to drag and drop a job onto the right worker based on their availability, skills, and location.

It’s got everything you need, a CRM, invoicing, a calendar, and the ability to track, schedule, and dispatch field workers.

It’s also intuitive. We were able to sign up for a free trial, create our first job, and then create an invoice for that job within about ten minutes.


  • It has a good inventory system that gives you the ability to transfer stock from your  ‘warehouse’ to your cars and know who has what. 
  • You can provide your customers with a page displaying reports and service history, which is handy if you have corporate clients.
  • The scheduling feature allows you to schedule by the shortest travel time, which is excellent for optimizing your field technician’s time.


  • It’s got an old-school interface.
  • One thing that seems to bother people are the limitations around setting permissions for service team workers.
  • Its mobile app has only 3.4 stars on Google Play and 3.3 on the App Store, which means your field workers might not love using it. 
  • There’s no chat function within the app, so you’ll need another way to communicate with field reps.


It’s got simple pricing which is a bonus. You get all the features at either $22 per month (paid annually) or $28 per month (paid monthly).

The Verdict:

Synchroteam is a great all-in-one solution that offers nearly all the features you need from a field management tool (and some helpful additions you didn’t even know you needed). 

That being said, the people you need to use it might find the mobile app buggy, and this could cause headaches with adoption. Plus, you’ll still need to use a phone or text messaging service to communicate with your team in the field.

You’ll need to decide whether it’s worth the tradeoff of having a platform that’s super powerful for your office staff but less easy to use for your field team.

2. Best for Small Businesses: Jobber

Jobber is one of the better-known field management softwares out there. 

It’s based on a simple workflow. You start by creating and emailing a quote. Once the customer approves it, you can then create a job from it. Next, you schedule the job. The last step is to invoice and collect payment.

You can also use it to create and manage timesheets for your employees. 


  • It’s got a clean and modern interface that’s easy to navigate. We were particularly impressed with its onboarding experience as it offers a lot of prompts to import data from calendars and Quickbooks.
  • Your field team can manage their time and even finalize invoices through the mobile app.
  • You can leave internal notes and attachments, which can be useful for sharing photos of work completed or other important information.


  • There are no lead/sales management features. You’ll have to use another software to track leads in your sales funnel.
  • A recurring complaint from its customers is that there is no job costing report. 
  • You can’t chat with field workers through the app. You’ll need a separate communications tool for your field service operations.


Jobber offers three pricing plans:

  • Core: $29/month for one user.
  • Connect: $99/month, up to seven users.
  • Grow: $199/month, up to thirty users.

The Verdict:

Jobber has 277 reviews on the app store with a rating of 4.3 stars, which means it does a good job of satisfying both your field team and your management. 

It’s not as feature rich as some of its competitors, but that appears to be a tradeoff with simplicity and ease of use. 

That being said, it’s a great field service management software for small businesses.

3. Best For Overall Features: ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan handles a lot: from marketing and sales to dispatching and customer relations. It even includes backend systems for tracking inventory, accounting, payroll, and real-time reporting.


  • It covers the entire gamut of sales and marketing, all the way to field service operations.
  • You can record incoming phone calls and it even provides your customer service team with information on who is calling.
  • It’s got robust reporting that allows you to dive into a lot of detail right from within the app.


  • There are a lot of features that might be redundant for your business. 
  • They don’t have pricing on their website, but from everything we’ve read, it’s expensive.
  • There’s no internal communications tool, which for the price is a bit disappointing.


There’s no pricing on ServiceTitan’s website, but what we’ve heard is that it’s close to $245 per technician/month with a setup cost of $700.

The Verdict:

The problem with a lot of field service management software is that they have limited functionality. You don’t need to worry about this with ServiceTitan. 

It’s built to scale with you and provides a lot of what you need. The problem is that it can be hard to justify the cost if you’re not quite at that medium-to-large enterprise stage.

4. Best For Your Technicians: Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro solves one of the biggest challenges for field service businesses: getting technicians to buy into the software. (It’s got 4.5 stars on 3,800 reviews on the app store.)

What stands out from the other options is the number of features available in the app. You can schedule jobs, send estimates, and even invoice.

Not only that, but it can help you grow your online presence, get more reviews, track how long employees take at jobs. It also has all the standard scheduling and invoicing features you need. 


  • Housecall Pro has one of the best customer databases on offer. You can access it from the mobile app and see full customer history and any outstanding jobs or invoices.
  • Customers can pay directly from the invoice, which can help you get paid faster.
  • It’s worth reiterating that its mobile app is great and similar to the desktop version, which is important for people on the go.


  • Its  pricing is more complicated with certain tools coming as add-ons. These hidden costs can irk some customers.
  • There is no phone support for anyone but enterprise customers, which can be frustrating when you have a critical issue you need help with.
  • Most reviews complain about the inability to customize client communication.


Housecall Pro has three different packages plus an enterprise offering.

  • Start: $65/month for one user.
  • Grow: $149/month, up to five users.
  • Manage: $199/month, up to nine users.

The Verdict:

There is a lot to like about Housecall Pro. It’s a nicely-designed platform that offers a ton of features. Most importantly, it has an app your technicians won’t mind using. 

On the flip side, it is expensive, and the starter package is missing some important features like the Quickbooks and Zapier integration. It also doesn’t offer any sales tools.

5. Best for Billing and Invoicing: Intuit Field Service Management 

QuickBooks Online subscribers totaled 3.2 million in the U.S. So it’s worth mentioning the Intuit Field Service Management software.

Its biggest strength is its close sync with Quickbooks, but it also has some nifty job scheduling features including an integration with Google Maps that allows you to track workers and locate customer sites easily. 

Finally, it gives you a solid insight into everything, from work order status to technician productivity and receivables. 


  • Unsurprisingly,  Intuit’s product has some of the best invoicing features. You can break an invoice down by labor and parts and note whether each item is taxed.
  • It has a nice work order management view that lets you  filter and create different views.
  • You can minimize travel time and get more done each day by quickly shuffling work orders.


  • Intuit Field Service Management doesn’t have all of the different features that come with platforms like Housecall Pro and ServiceTitan.
  • The mobile app is very simple, which depending on your needs, can be a pro or a con.
  • The interface looks a bit dated compared to alternatives on the market.


Its pricing is straightforward and scales down as you grow:

  • 1-10 users are $35 per user
  • 11-40 is $31 per user
  • 41-101 is $28 per user

The Verdict:

If you’re a Quickbooks user looking for straightforward field management software, then it’s hard to find a better option. Plus, the way it’s built suits a range of field service operations.

If you want a more powerful, all-in-one platform, then it might not be for you.

Complement Your Field Management Team Software With Texting

One of the most common issues that field service businesses face with field management software is that there are no internal communication features. 

That’s why a lot of field service businesses communicate with employees via text.

Instead of using pagers, tying up staff with phone calls, and writing things down manually, you can text with your team.

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