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The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts

Podcasts for every kind of commute. We've compiled a list of the best business podcasts covering topics like SEO, leadership, social media, and more!

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The average U.S. worker’s one-way commute to work takes 26.1 minutes. If you commute to a job 5 days a week, roundtrip that adds up to 4.35 hours a week and over 200 hours (nearly nine days) per year!

The silver lining of long commutes is that you have plenty of time to catch up on podcasts.

Business podcasts are a popular topic and there’s no shortage of programs that focus on it. The question is, which ones should you listen to?

The podcast junkies on the SimpleTexting team very willingly put their ears to the test. As a result, here are the top eight business podcasts perfect for your commute to work.

8 of the Best Marketing Podcasts

1. Marketing Over Coffee

Episode Length: 20-30 minutes

Podcast Summary: Marketing over coffee is a weekly discussion of what’s new in marketing with John Wall and Christopher Penn.

Review: Marketing Over Coffee is a quick, weekly look into some of the digital marketing trends from the lens of two experts without any product or agenda to push. Small business owners in particular can draw a lot of helpful tips from the two hosts whose combined experience offers fresh takes amplified by their thoughtful selection of guests!

Where To Begin: No need to listen sequentially with this podcast. Where you start is up to you. Check out some of their most popular episodes here.

Listen On: Apple, Stitcher, Android, Spotify

2. Marketing Scoop by SEMrush

Episode Length: 20-40 minutes

Podcast Summary: David Bain and Judith Lewis of SEMrush share the latest digital marketing headlines that impact your business and marketing strategy. Each episode, they invite industry experts to pick apart the latest trends in digital—from SEO to advertising to content marketing.

Review: SEMrush is the name in Search Engine Optimization. Their platform is a gold mine of data, so it comes as no surprise that their podcast is a wealth of valuable tidbits. This is a great podcast, especially if you’re a marketer interested in learning how to utilize the host of digital tools out there on the net.

Where To Begin: To get a good feel for how powerful this podcast is, check out the episode “How Did CoSchedule Drive 7 Million Visits to this Blog Post?

Listen On: Apple, Stitcher, Android, Spotify, Youtube

3. Leadership and Loyalty

Episode Length: 60+ minutes

Podcast Summary: Hosted by Dov Baron, ****author and one of the top 100 leadership speakers, Leadership and Loyalty is a must-listen for any business leader.

Review: Voted the #1 Fortune 500 Podcast for Next-Gen Leadership by Inc. for good reason, Dov inspires with every episode. His show encourages those who lead to live deeply meaningful, purpose-driven lives that are heart, soul and mind aligned. If you’ve found inspiration from any leadership texts in the past, this podcast is a guaranteed hit.

Where To Begin: Check out this list of fan favorite episodes from Dov’s lengthy archive.

Listen On: Apple, Stitcher, Android, Spotify

4. Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

Episode Length: 3-6 minutes

Podcast Summary: Neil Patel and Eric Siu bring you daily digital marketing lessons that they’ve learned through years of being in the trenches. Whether you have a new website or an established business, learn the latest SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, conversion optimization and general online marketing tactics that work today.

Review: Is your commute really short? Is your attention span for matters of business razor thin? That’s okay! Neil Patel and Eric Siu get it. Their podcast is perfect if you’re looking to hear about one, quick, easy-to-implement strategy at a time. It’s the digital podcast equivalent to a really helpful fact of the day calendar!

Where To Begin: For a busy marketer, the episode “How Eric & Neil Handle Their Marketing To Do List” will be your go-to.

Listen On: iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, Google Play, Soundcloud, Spotify

5. The Social Media Marketing Show

Episode Length: 45 minutes

Podcast Summary: Social Media Examiner Michael Stelzner helps your business navigate the social jungle. Discover how successful businesses employ social media, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain actionable tips to improve your social media marketing.

Review: This podcast is great for folks who want a little more excitement in their daily listening. Episodes, while always focused on social media marketing, stay fresh with an abundance of case studies, cautionary tales, and interviews with special guests. The variety is a great way to get excited about tuning in week after week.

Where To Begin: If you’re interested in understanding the intricacies of social ads, give the episode “Advanced Facebook Retargeting: How to Up Your Ads Game” a listen.

Listen On: Social Media Marketing Archive, iTunes, Stitcher

6. Duct Tape Marketing

Episode Length: 20-30 minutes

Podcast Summary: Interviews with authors, experts and thought leaders sharing business marketing tips, tactics and resources hosted by one America’s leading small business marketing experts – John Jantsch

Review: The name Duct Tape Marketing is appropriate for someone whose ever wondered how they can make their marketing really stick. Listening to John Jantsch is like sitting down for coffee with a marketing genie who knows how to turn your CTA into gold. If you’re a consistent listener, you will notice a change in the way you market.

Where To Begin: John and his team pulled together a list of their favorites for anyone new to the cast.

Listen On: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify Play FM, Podbean

7. Success Made Simple

Episode Length: 10-20 minutes

Podcast Summary: This podcast is designed to help make success simple for your life. Hear interviews with top marketing and business professionals, athletes, and celebrities on the keys to their success.

Review: Similar to the Social Media Marketing Show, this podcast is great for people looking for a little variety. Especially people whose interests are peaked by speakers outside of the business world. Short, sweet, and always practical.

Where To Begin: John and his team pulled together a list of their favorites for anyone new to the cast.

Listen On: Apple, Spotify, Podbean, Podomatic, iheart,

8. People of Marketing Podcast

Episode Length: 30-40 minutes

Podcast Summary: Have you ever wanted to peek inside the lives of top marketers? Wish granted! People of Marketing Podcast is a 40min conversation with inspiring marketers, exploring their career paths, inspiring choices, embarrassing moments & the good and the bad of their everyday lives. Real people, real stories in new episodes every Wednesday. The podcast is powered by Planable, a content collaboration platform for modern marketing teams.

Review: This podcast is great for… you guessed it, people of marketing. Every episode is a dose of inspiration. Without the fluff. The guests are not afraid to show the good and the bad of their careers. If you’re looking to hear what it takes to become a successful marketer, grab your headphones & come with us behind the scenes.

Where To Begin: Each episode takes on the vibe of that particular guest, so it’s hard to compare. But we think this one would be a very good start.

Listen On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts

We hope this list turns your traffic jams into traffic gains. And if you have any suggestions on podcasts you think we might like shoot us a message on twitter! We may not have commutes, but nobody loves a good podcast more than the SimpleTexting team.

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