About Our SMS Marketing Company

SimpleTexting has a single mission – to help our customers deepen existing customer relationships and add new customers through low-cost, simple text communications.

We know that all local businesses can benefit from text marketing if the program is executed correctly. Connecting to customers on their mobile phones results in high receptivity when you gain express consent and offer customers incentive to join your program. That’s why we offer you tools to help you do texting the right way with Mobile Marketing University and friendly support fanatics.

sms marketing company that puts customers first

Customers Rule

We want you to feel like you are getting the service you’d expect from a mom and pop store – not a a large SMS marketing company. We think our customers rule. We see each question as an opportunity to not only better our product but also to help each of you grow your business further.

secure text marketing company

More Security Than Fort Knox

We’re really serious about security and it’s no laughing matter here. You can trust that our SMS marketing company is devoted to keeping yours and your customer information safe and secure.

sms marketing company referrals

Referrals Wanted

Just like the local businesses we serve, we know that referrals are the ultimate sign of customer satisfaction. That’s why we strive to make everything about our product simple and beneficial for you – our customers.